Cumberland Avenue, Worthing

What did Jessey Mason do?

Our client contracted us with a vision to construct a rear and side extension to their home.

They also wanted to discuss the various alterations that could be made to the ground floor of the property to create additional family living space.

We assisted with submitting and obtaining planning consent as well as building control approval.  The client already had a builder in mind, who is in the proceeds of implementing our design.

Works are starting on-site shortly and we look forward to seeing the build finished.


Design and Drawings work including 3D

We love assisting all clients in realising their dreams.  Initially, we will sit down with our client and ascertain the brief over the proposed works.

Once the brief has been agreed, we will prepare designs for the property, which look to meet this.  As part of the design process we consider:

  • Client requirements
  • Restrictions of the existing property/site
  • Planning Legislation
  • Building Regulations
  • Budget restrictions

The of level design service can vary depending on client requirements.  We have some clients that like us to provide an outline scheme, which they can develop further and others that like a fully comprehensive service right down to choosing the kitchen tap.  We tailor our service accordingly.

We have a wide range of design experience within our team, which includes:

  • Commercial fit outs including retail, hospitality and office
  • Conversion to residential
  • New build developments
  • Education extensions and fit out
  • Residential extensions and loft conversions
  • Refurbishment and Renovation

Some clients struggle to picture the design when it is drawn in 2D.  When required, we do have the option to prepare contextual views of a room or building to help picture what the appearance will be.  There are also occasions when this is also an advantage with the planning department to show the extent of the scheme and to place it in context of its surroundings.

Building Control Submission and retrospective approval

In most situations, building work will require a Building Control Submission to the local authority.  The Building Control department is in place to ensure that the Building Act 1984 is adhered to all on all properties.  This includes most aspects of building, including structure, thermal efficiency, fire, electrics, drainage, etc.

There is guidance to assist for Building Control called the Approved Documents.  These provide options over how to meet the requirements.

There are generally two options for submitting a Building Control application, which are:

Building Notice –

Generally used for simple projects such as removal of an internal wall or removing a chimney breast. 

  Full Plans Submission –

This is used for most projects, including conversions, extensions and loft conversions. 

We can advise over what route is best to follow and provide the relevant documentation for the submission to the local authority.  Once the application is submitted, there is a requirement for the contractor to then liaise with the Building Control department through the building process in order to then obtain the Building Control completion certificate.

Specification and Tendering

A specification is a contractual document that itemises the building work and cross references it against the proposed drawings and any other documents that form part of the project.  This document can then be used to price the proposed works and if priced correctly by contractors, will itemise the costings.

A specification provides a level of control over the project, which includes, how things are carried out, choice of materials and costs.

The specification can also be used to specify specific materials and equipment that may want to be used in a project.  This can help to hone the clients thoughts over what they may require and we can assist in providing websites and show rooms that may be useful for the client to visit.

Once a specification is written, we can also assist with obtaining competitive estimates for the building works.  We have a list of contractors that we have worked with in the past, which will provide costings for the work.  Once we have received the estimates, we will then prepare a tender report with recommendations for the client.

Lease Plan

A lease plan is an essential part of a lease to a residential and commercial property in order to determine a leasehold demise.  Often we are contacted by clients and solicitors to prepare lease plans for shops and flats to indicate the boundaries of the building and that can be attached to the lease.

Party Wall Services

Certain building projects are affected by the Party Wall etc Act 1996.  This Act provides responsibilities for the Building Owner in situations when the proposed work may have an impact on a neighbour.  Party wall work can include constructing a wall on a boundary line, through to fitting a beam on to the party wall of a terrace house.

We have experienced Chartered Surveyors in our office who can assist with the submission of Notices and can be appointed as the Building Owner or Adjoining Owner of a project.  If you require assistance or are in any doubt whether this may be an issue, please contact us and we can provide some assistance.

Measured Surveys

If you are proposing any substantial work to your property, we would always advise that a scale set of plans are prepared of the building/site.

In order to have a set of scale plans, we would need to carry out a measured survey.  Generally, this will consist of one of your Surveyors or Technologists spending time at the property to take accurate measurements of the whole property or areas required.  This information can then be transferred to paper, which provides information to the builder and other professionals involved, such as designer, structural engineer and client, which can then be worked from.

As part of a measured survey, we can identify key aspects of a property, which we can then transfer on to paper.  If we required we can show the following information:

  • Measured plans
  • Indicate site boundaries
  • Prepare existing elevations
  • Prepare elevations indicating neighbouring properties.
  • Prepare sections through the property
  • Indicate drainage runs
  • Show key parts of existing services