Contract Administration

Some clients are quite happy to manage the project themselves.  However, on occasion, we are asked to assist with the running of the project, due to a number of reasons.

A Contract Administrator is usually appointed to manage the contract between the client and contractor and can be a less stressful option for a client.  This ensures that both parties to the contract meet the obligations.  Primarily this is more a responsibility for the contractor, which includes meeting standard of workmanship, choice of material, code of conduct, behaviour on-site and cost variations.  As part of our role, we carry out the following duties:

  • Carrying out periodic site visits
  • Managing the work on behalf of the client
  • Assessing payment valuations from the contractor
  • Assessing contract variations
  • Preparing a final snagging list of the work
  • Signing the work off
  • Negotiating the final account