Contract Administration

Some clients are quite happy to manage the project themselves.  However, on occasion, we are asked to assist with the running of the project, due to a number of reasons.

A Contract Administrator is usually appointed to manage the contract between the client and contractor and can be a less stressful option for a client.  This ensures that both parties to the contract meet the obligations.  Primarily this is more a responsibility for the contractor, which includes meeting standard of workmanship, choice of material, code of conduct, behaviour on-site and cost variations.  As part of our role, we carry out the following duties:

  • Carrying out periodic site visits
  • Managing the work on behalf of the client
  • Assessing payment valuations from the contractor
  • Assessing contract variations
  • Preparing a final snagging list of the work
  • Signing the work off
  • Negotiating the final account

Feasibility Studies

We are often called to look at properties that are owned or prospective property owners, over options that could be available to either extend, convert, rebuild or refurbish.  Sometimes it is difficult to see the potential of what could be carried out, which is where we can provide assistance. We can provide advice from a construction, planning and building regulation point of view as well as assist with budget costing the building work.

There are also occasions when we are asked to look at the development potential of a site, where we can provide schematic designs, budget costs, as well guidance on the potential return from the site.

We can provide a plan over how to proceed with the project, which may consist of preparing scale drawings of the property, advising on any other consultants that may be required as part of the project and discussing the approach that will be required with the planning and building regulation process.

Generally a feasibility service can include:

  • Ascertaining client brief
  • Inspecting property/site and discuss potential options
  • Prepare draft proposals
  • Prepare budget costings for building work
  • Assess any impact the proposal may have with Planning and Building Regulation
  • Assess any other legal issues such as Party Wall etc Act  1996
  • Prepare outline planning applications.

Party Wall Services

Certain building projects are affected by the Party Wall etc Act 1996.  This Act provides responsibilities for the Building Owner in situations when the proposed work may have an impact on a neighbour.  Party wall work can include constructing a wall on a boundary line, through to fitting a beam on to the party wall of a terrace house.

We have experienced Chartered Surveyors in our office who can assist with the submission of Notices and can be appointed as the Building Owner or Adjoining Owner of a project.  If you require assistance or are in any doubt whether this may be an issue, please contact us and we can provide some assistance.